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Free Pregnancy Test


If you have missed your period and have been sexually active, it is time to take a pregnancy test. Call us today to make an appointment for a free consultation and confidential pregnancy test.

Knowledge is Power

There are several pregnancy options available to you. Each option may have immediate and long-term impacts on your life. Learn more about your options. Schedule a private consultation and education class today.

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For the Men

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An unplanned pregnancy can leave you feeling surprised, scared, and trapped.  She needs to hear from you. Give us a call to understand your options and how you can help her make the best choice.

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  • Maternity and Baby Supplies

Men's Corner


When she comes to you and tells you she could be pregnant, it’s natural to feel nervous or unsure. You might feel scared, confused, or angry. That’s why we welcome men at our pregnancy center.

When it comes to pregnancy decisions, the choice is ultimately up to her – but you can have a big influence on her decision. If you need help dealing with the realities of an unplanned pregnancy, we are here to listen and answer your questions regarding your rights and pregnancy options.

Gather the Facts

Before you begin worrying what decision she is going to make, does she know if she is really pregnant? A positive test (including a home test) is an indication of pregnancy, but not a confirmation. The test result should be confirmed by a Limited OB Ultrasound.

The Limited OB Ultrasound will answer 3 important questions that are critical regardless of what options you both are considering:

  • Is the pregnancy viable – that is, is the pregnancy in the uterus?

  • Is there a heartbeat?

  • How far along is she?

Make an appointment for a free Limited OB Ultrasound and learn more about your options.

Support Her

Staying calm and helping her research all her options is one of the best things you can do. Offer real support by letting her know you are there for her no matter what. She needs to feel heard, respected and to know she is strong enough.



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Limited OB Ultrasound

A positive test (including a home test) is an indication of pregnancy, but not a confirmation. The test result should be confirmed by a Limited OB Ultrasound exam.

A Limited OB Ultrasound can confirm your pregnancy and ensure your pregnancy is healthy. It can be a great indicator of how far along you are by using measurements to estimate the gestational age of the fetus. 

A free Limited OB Ultrasound can determine the following:

  • The approximate age of your pregnancy.

  • Does the fetus have a heartbeat.

  • How developed is the fetus.

  • Is your pregnancy capable of developing under normal conditions.

If you would like to get a free Limited OB Ultrasound at our center, your first step is to schedule a free pregnancy test.

Note: The purpose of the ultrasound exam is not for identifying the gender (sex) of the baby.

It's Your Decision

Along with the facts from your pregnancy test and ultrasound, we want to empower you to make the best decision for your life. Each pregnancy decision carries short-term and long-term implications, and most are complicated by specific circumstances. We respect your right to have complete information and will give you tools to meet your challenges. We will never judge you, profit from your choice, or pressure you into any decision.

We utilize evidence-based, practical, medically-recognized decision-making guides. These guides will help you identify your pros and cons based on what you value. We use your guide to provide decision support customized to your needs to put you back in control of your situation and life.


Open Door provides referrals to community resources, such as medical assistance, nutrition and breastfeeding  support and education, material assistance, parenting/child care resources, housing assistance, adoption services, and pastoral/professional counseling.  These services provide a network to assist a new mother and her family.

Maternity and Baby Supplies

Open Door Pregnancy Center provides maternity items and baby supplies to women who decide to parent their baby.  Items, such as bath and bedding items, diapers, infant care items, mother toiletries, infant clothing, formula, bottles and feeding accessories and toys/books, can be obtained as parents attend classes on parenting and child care.  


Are You Tired of Suffering from Guilt, Shame, & Secrets? 

Have you had an abortion that you just can't quit thinking about?

"They said it would be over soon but why can't I stop thinking about it?" 

Abortion takes the life of an unborn baby but it also breaks the heart of the mother. Help is available if you have had an abortion and are suffering from guilt, shame, and anxiety. Surrendering the Secret is a powerful study to help you find relief from the emotional pain that haunts you over and over again. You are NOT alone!


Call Teresa Owen at Open Door Pregnancy Center for help. 903-797-0774 or email opendoorphc@gmail.com


All personal information is strictly confidential. 


Conception Calculator

You have several options for determining your conception date:

  • A Limited OB Ultrasound is the most accurate way to see how far along your pregnancy is. It provides a detailed look at your baby’s development and will give you a good estimate of how far along your pregnancy is.

  • An online pregnancy calculator can give an estimate of when you conceived based on when your last period was. This method is not as accurate as a Limited OB Ultrasound.

We offer free ultrasounds at our pregnancy center. Our medical professionals are trained in Limited OB Ultrasound and provide medical services under the direction and supervision of a licensed physician.

How to Know When You Conceived

In general, women can only conceive when they are ovulating – that is, when their ovaries release a new egg into their fallopian tubes for fertilization. Ovulation usually occurs about two weeks after your menstrual period and lasts for two or three days.

However, not all women have the same cycles of menstruation and ovulation. Some women’s menstrual cycles are irregular. Others have ovulation periods closer to or further from their menstrual period. Some women simply aren’t sure when their last period was. In other words, calculating conception based just on your body cycles can be difficult.

You can also simply try to determine the last time you had sexual intercourse, but this method isn’t totally accurate either. Conception is a process and takes time, and a man’s sperm can actually stay alive inside your body for up to a week after sex. All of these factors can make it hard to know when exactly you conceived.

This is why a pregnancy confirmation ultrasound is the best way to know how far along your pregnancy is and to determine when you conceived. Pregnancy ultrasounds look directly at the development of your growing baby to determine its age and when you likely conceived. This method is much more accurate than date-based calculation.



We Need Your Help

The number of abortions every year is too high.  We need to work together until the number is zero.  Everyday woman are waking up scared, confused and informed thinking that an abortion is their only solution to an unplanned pregnancy.  Open Door Pregnancy Center is here to be a guide and beacon of hope for these women and their unborn child.  


The reality is that we simply cannot do it without your much needed financial support.  We don’t want the women we help to be concerned with having to pay for the help they need to parent their child.  Through your gracious contributions you have removed that burden from them and made it your own.

Give monthly or a one time gift. Easy online giving is available online at donorbox.com

Other Ways to give back:

Volunteer!!! You can volunteer your time and/or services in the center. Positions available:

  • Answer Phone Calls

  • Be a Peer Counselor or Mentor

  • Organize and Stock Supplies

  • Teach Parenting Classes

  • Listen to and Encourage Woman

  • Host a fundraiser

  • HOST A BABY SHOWER! This is a great way to help out mothers-to-be in need. 

The Open Door Pregnancy Center is always in need of maternity and baby supplies such as:

  • Diapers

  • Baby Wipes

  • Sleepers/Onesies (0-18 month sizes)

  • Pacifiers

  • Diaper Ointment

  • New Infant Car Seats

  • New Pack-n-Play Beds

  • Breastfeeding supplies (Nursing Pads, Lanolin Cream)

  • What to Expect when you are Expecting books

  • Stretch Mark Cream

  • Breast Pump and Milk Storage Bags

Open Door Pregnancy Center is a faith based 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization. It provides men and women with a safe and caring place to get help with unplanned pregnancies and to make pregnancy decisions. All services are provided free of charge and under strict confidentiality.

The Open Door team has worked hard to create a comfortable environment where men and women feel safe to learn truth and make pregnancy decisions.

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